My first kayak

We wanted a kayak, we didn’t know what we were even looking for. We researched, we looked and touched and we bought!


Buying a kayak can be on of those things that just is painstaking as they come.  There are so many choices and options to contemplate, you can literally wear yourself out when it comes to thinking about all the various things that consider when purchasing a kayak.  We know, my friend Rodney Austin and myself have lived it.  Talked about it multiple times a day and lived the internet searching and pouring over the reviews.

We have made the purchase and if you are curious about what and how we decided on our kayaks, I felt it important to share so that maybe some of this information will help you in your next purchase.

Styles of Kayaks

First you have the “sit in” models.  These are simply what they say, you actually sit in the kayak and are lower in the water and the kayak sits lower in the water with you.  With this model, should water get in the boat, you either have to have a handheld pump or a bailing sponge to help get the water out of the boat.  With kayaks, you typically don’t have to worry about “sinking”; however, you are inclined to get more water in a sit-in than other types of kayaks.

Secondly is the “sit on top” model.  This is where you are higher and on top of the water, your seat is higher and there are “self bailing” scuffer holes that allow the water to exit the kayak should you get water in the boat. One disadvantage with these types of boats are that they are typically heavier and can’t be moved by yourself as easy as you would a “sit-in” kayak.  Universally, this kayak is easier to stand up while in the water and can be easier for fishing.

Lastly, is a hybrid of the “sit-in” and “sit-on-top”.  This kayak is fairly newer to the market.  It is lower in the water with no scuffer holes so you will have to have a sponger or pump handy for that occasional “rogue” wave.  They are being used by a lot of your “pro-staffers” that fish a lot and well, although I never had the opportunity to ride in one, it leads you to believe they are up and coming if the “pros” are using them.

What we picked

We went with the “Sit-on-top” kayak.  I went with a wider kayak and chose the Jackson Kayak BigRig and mine also was the YakAttack Model.  It was a single passenger kayak that has tons of storage, lots of YakAttack rails for customization and making that kayak a tool to catch more fish!  It has a stand assist bar for helping you stand up

Rodney went with the Jackson Kayak BigTuna, a two passenger fishing kayak.  His kayak doesn’t have as much storage that the BigRig, however, he has a open “tank” that he can put a cooler in or hold fish.  Mine doesn’t have that!

How did we purchase

If I can give you any advice in our time or research and learning about the right kayak for us, then it would be to go and see the kayaks in person.  We looked at so many websites of different kayak models.  We almost ordered one particular kayak via the internet and we are so thankful that we held out and went to the retailer and sought the experience.  We did go to places like Academy, Bass Pro, & Dick’s to look at kayaks.  But in the end, our money was spent at a retailer that a large majority of their sales comes from kayak sales and the salesman was actually a kayaker himself and had been for many years.  He fishes from his kayak so he knew the ins and outs of what we were looking for.  In the end, we did honestly spend about 10% more than what we wanted to, however, that 10% more came with an incredible amount of knowledge and experience and they taught us so much during that time!  If you are in the Georgia area, I highly recommend you go see the guys at The Outside World and tell my buddy Chip Almand that we said hello!

You have a kayak, NOW WHAT?

Now that we have bought the kayaks, I am one of those guys that doesn’t want his to look like everyone else kayaks.  So I have already began customizing as well as Rodney and will be doing my next post on what customization I have done and subsequent posts will show you how we did them.

Kayaks-No ModsThe photo above is our kayaks.  The white, orange and blue kayak is my Jackson Kayak BigRig.  The green camo kayak is Rodney’s Jackson Kayak BigTuna.