About Us

My name is Nakia Brooks.  I am a husband to Elizabeth and father to Karrin, Marissa, Hannah and Hayden.  I live in Braselton, Georgia.  We are proud supporters or the West Jackson Schools and certainly have our Panther Pride!!  I have no immediate family in Georgia as my family is all in East Tennessee where I was born and raised.  I am a die-hard Tennessee Volunteer!

I co-own and manage a real estate office in Hoschton, Georiga which is a branch of Virtual Properties Realty from Duluth, Georgia.  We have had this office open since January 2015.  We have been in the real estate business since 2006.  Previously in Law Enforcement for over a decade, I have continued my love of helping people with my real estate by specializing my services on helping people prevent foreclosure.  We have been directly involved in over 500 short sales in the last 5 years and consistently top sales agents in our area and offices.

We are very active in helping local church plants grow the Kingdom of God.  We help in all aspect of the church from leadership, tech team, setup/teardown, assimilation and many, many other areas.  We just want to see Jesus Christ be known by as many folks as we possibly can.

In our free time, we are typically at some sort of event with our children!  Whether it be with the Jackson County Panther Band where Karrin is an Assistant Drum Major and Marissa is a marching flutist; or Panther football game where Hannah is a cheerleader or Hayden is playing football!  We love support our children!  If we aren’t supporting our kids, we love serving as well!  We enjoy going out and helping others in a time of need!

Acts 20:35 ~ “It is more blessed to give than to receive”

Both Elizabeth and I try to live by this daily and attempt to teach our kids this!  It’s my belief that if everyone gave someone something every single day something, the world would be a whole lot better place!

Have a great day!


Top 8 iPad | iPhone Apps for real estate agents

This is my tenth year of being a real estate agent, after having sold literally hundreds of homes, I have seen how many agents doing their side of the transactions.
I am also of the belief to keep it simple!  Therefore, I love the “K.I.S.S.” method of technology when it comes to apps!  Keep it simple Stupid!
Here is my list top 8 list of apps that I use daily in my real estate business:
1.) Evernote
I am using Evernote right now to prepare this blog to be uploaded to WordPress – It’s simple to use, it synchronizes between all my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) and it’s very user friendly.  I also have a LiveScribe pen and notepad that I use daily that automatically transfers my notes from my pad to my Evernote account electronically.  I use the Evernote Premium which is currently $49.99 per year and allows you more data and maximize your productivity.
2.) 1Password
This Application for me is invaluable, it holds all my many passwords for all my different titles that I hold, whether it be real estate, at home, at church, as band parent, this application is really cool because it works also syncs on all platforms!  You can also easily share the item so if you need to send someone the info, you can do that without any troubles at all.  There is a FREE version to this app with ads, however, I elected to purchase the ad free version.
3.) Drive (Google Apps for Business)
Drive is an app associated with your Google account.  We utilize Google Apps for Work at 2ShortSaleGuys.  We have unlimited storage as well as we have added protection called “Vault” so that should someone on our team accidentally delete something, we can easily recover the delete information.  It also holds encryption so that our data is secure with Google from hackers.  This app allows us to easily access our files on the go and be able to see contracts, client information sheets, contact information, sellers disclosures and important buyer information quickly.  This can be very handy when we are sitting at the closing table and need information immediately!  This is a FREE APP!
4.) Animoto
This App is amazing – I can use the photos from my Drive folder and create a video in less than 5 mins by taking the 25 Multiple Listing Service photos, adding music and branding and we have a really cool marketing video.  The app has endless capabilities.  We use an upgraded package not the top of the line but not the rock bottom package!  We love it!  The App itself is FREE, the basic service is FREE.
5.) USDA Loan Eligibility Checker by UNISYS
This App has been around for a minute but still one of my favorite.  I do not do many buyer transactions a year, the good Lord has blessed us with many listings a year and we just don’t work many buyers.  I do use this app several times a week as I am taking listings because in our area, USDA Rural Development loan is still really prevalent and it’s a huge market component when listing a property.  So I use this app all the time!
6.) Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom is a great app for you to be able to adjust your photos on the run.  Your professional photographers trust the Adobe products so why shouldn’t you?  I use the Lightroom sweet to adjust the lighting on my photos for my listings, if I was there to take photos and the sun was coming up in the direction of my photos, I can adjust the lighting with Lightroom.  It’s a great tool, takes a little time to get used to, but well worth the learning curve.
7.) GoDaddy
I use the GoDaddy App to update my domains, I will use it to grab domains if we are needing to order domains.  I have saved in my account our business card so once I log in, I can use my account to quickly order whatever I need, change things quickly or renew things that are needed. Very useful app – FREE APP
8.) Top Producer
I use Top Producer daily with my lead generation.  I use utilize my assistant to schedule who I will call, she puts it in so that I don’t have to worry with whom I am going to call.  It keeps track of our entire business.  The apps allows me quick access to all our data (You do have to be connected to internet or Hotspot).  I typically will setup my iPad beside my computer, use my iPad to access the number to call and use my computer to take the notes of the call – It is very easy to use and it is a FREE app with the paid Top Producer service.
These are just 8 of the apps that I use daily and love.  I obviously use other apps but these I prefer more than others.  I can tell you I am very quickly to switch out apps and I am very quick to get discouraged when an app developer gets over zealous and decides to change an apps “for the better” and I will be quick to delete.
Stay tuned for future updates of new and improved apps that have made my Top 8 lists!  Until then, keep exploring, learning, serving and doing!